The Simplicity of Wills

It is important to know that the purpose of a will is straightforward and not complex. It accomplishes two main objectives that Clausell Law Firm, PLLC believes are important to most of us. A will states who will raise your children in case of death and how your property will be distributed. Equally important to understand, is that without a will, the state will make the decisions on your property and who will raise your children. The decisions that the State of Texas makes will rigidly conform to state laws and may not be what you would wish. A judge will be the final arbiter of who will raise your children if you don’t have a will.

An experienced Texas probate and estate planning lawyer can provide you with a will that conforms to your individual needs and at a cost that is affordable to you. While the purpose of a will is simple, working out what is best suited for your individual situation may not be. The end result of a properly executed will can be your peace of mind. You will know who will take care of your children and your estate will be carried out in the manner in which you decide.

Does having a will make a difference?

Clausell Law Firm, PLLC believes that anyone who has life insurance and a child needs to have an individualized will. Texas law will decide what happens to your children and your estate. Your wishes will not play a part in these important decisions. Your heirs may not receive the property you feel they should have. It is common for the distribution of an estate to be delayed if there is no will that clearly lays this out. There may need to be legal proceedings, conducted by someone outside your control, to decide who the rightful heirs are and how the estate is to be distributed. Long and costly struggles can evolve from the lack of a legal, correctly written and properly executed will.

There are several advantages to a well written will:

  • You have control over who takes care of your children
  • You decide how all property, including land, homes, cash, bank accounts, vehicles, life insurance policies and similar items will be distributed
  • You are the sole voice that states who receives the benefits of your estate and even when those benefits are distributed
  • With your decisions being legally binding, the chances of expensive and lengthy legal battles over your estate may be greatly reduced
  • You can state who is executor of your estate and not let this be decided by the state
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that those you care for will be properly taken care of.

On-line, do-it-yourself wills are available to you on the Internet. Unfortunately, they are not always legally enforceable and they do not fully take into account your individual needs and decisions. Wills need to be updated as tax laws or your personal situation changes. Getting a customized will done for you will not require extensive work on your part. There can, however, be great satisfaction in knowing that the future of your loved ones is protected through the execution of a valid will.