Risks of Using Online Forms

A frequently asked question is, Why can’t I just do my will online? In these tough economic times this is a fair question that deserves a straightforward answer. Individuals who desire wills, trusts and related documents usually do so out of a desire to assist their loved ones. A will and a trust can give you the satisfaction of knowing that your affairs will be properly handled once you are gone. You can know with certainty that your heirs will receive the benefits of your estate.

You can have the satisfaction of knowing who will manage your estate and that it will be handled per your instructions. The question of, who will take care of my children if I die, can be fully answered based on your decisions. These and many other vital matters can all be solved with a proper will and trust.

What if the will, trust or other document that you fill out online turns out to not be legally valid? What if the online document cannot, in fact, accomplish what you wanted it to do? The results to your loved ones and other benefactors can be trying and costly. Your plans may not be realized. Many online forms are not enforceable and will not produce the result that you want. This is where an experienced Texas estate planning attorney can be of great service to you and your family. There is another vital aspect to estate planning that needs to be considered as well.

Customized Estate Planning for the Individual

Clausell Law Firm, PLLC firmly believes that when estate planning is correctly done, it is customized to the individual and their needs. It is what we continually strive to do. Online services frequently fail, as they do not provide a way to ask all the questions that must be answered, in order to do effective planning for your future. An online form does not always take into account the differences in state laws relating to estate planning. Family situations and your decisions regards your assets are not always clear cut. Talking things over with a lawyer who knows the laws – and how to successfully apply them – can make your estate planning a success. Many times, individuals do not even know that there is a potential situation that needs to be planned for in order to achieve what they desire.

There are online forms that do not take into account trusts for minor children. Frequently the pros and cons of the choices that you make on a will or a trust are not fully explained. The end result of competent estate planning should be peace of mind in knowing that your estate and benefactors will be properly taken care of. It would be very disappointing to your family to find that what you had planned is not what will occur.